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Psychic Ritual

Namaste Friends,

I am honored you have been guided here!  
I am an Intuitive Energy Healer, Akashic Record Reader, Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher and Mentor,
Emotion Code Practitioner, developing Medium, and soon to be an End of Life Doula.

I have always been far more empathic than most everyone I have known and just recently discovered the power and beauty of such a quality. After losing my baby brother in October 2019 he started showing us every single day, and still does, that he is in fact still here with us in a very tangible way! Since then, I started out on a mission to really understand what we all are and what this life is all about! Always learning as much as I can about all things energy and how it operates, communicating with the other side and any and all things spiritually related... Since I have stepped into a place of truly harnessing my gifts, my brother and I are a team on this mission together! I am so very grateful to be of service to the human collective and the world of spirit simultaneously.

My name is Sam Frost

& I absolutely love helping people step into their purpose, gain clarity on their lives and find fulfillment and abundance in all areas!

We are all so much more needed on this planet right now than we may believe and each and every one of us has such a significant purpose and place here!

Every single one of us is a spirit having a human experience, which means that every single one of us has these beautiful intuitive gifts!

It's just a matter of trusting that we do & continuing to work with and strengthen the muscles. 

It is my calling to help spread the knowledge and awareness of our innate gifts and abilities, and to be a guiding light for others on this path.

I absolutely love helping others experience healing and learn to be their own healers and channel, to discover community and connection & to not feel so alone on their journeys!

I offer private mentorship to those I align with, that reach out for help. Feel free to email!

Sam Frost


"The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination."

Albert Einstein


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