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Born and raised in Volusia County, Florida I grew up in Orange

City and have been residing in Ormond Beach for half of my life

now with my beautiful family; my fiance, our 3 sweet children,

and our fur babies. Living close to a big body of water is very

important for me.. I am extremely aware of my connection to

the water on our planet and couldn’t imagine my life without

it up close and personal.


I have always had a need for speed and love to get my dose

of adrenaline on two wheels since I was little. Recently I have

realized the connection in these cravings with being at home...

Comparable to how comfort foods can make us feel nostalgic

about our childhood or past, going fast and on two wheels

specifically, feels so much like flying thru the stars as fast as

we wish when we are home that it is truly comforting to me.


I spend the majority of my time in or focused on the 5d and above and can't get enough of all things spiritually related! I would say that speed, sunshine and sushi are my biggest muggle cravings. Never in any particular order!
It's the little things for me. I adore being by the water and in it! 

Lover of books and podcasts, all things nature, every creature big and small, I can always see the light in another soul. I am also someone who will ALWAYS speak up for those without a voice... or backbone! 

Born a natural leader and teacher, looking back for as long as I can remember I have always found myself being put into teacher positions by the Universe in so many different ways. I absolutely love sharing my knowledge and wisdom with anyone who is looking for what I have to share! This is such a big part of who I am and strive to be a guiding light for those I am meant to lead.


Growing up I always felt like the odd one out and never really found anywhere I "fit" in. Until I found myself upon the path of my spiritual journey… when it all started to make sense! It’s like putting pieces of the puzzle together and the puzzle is you and your life.


I started my parenting journey young, having my first born at 18 and I have been so blessed to be a stay-at-home mom since.

I absolutely adore my role as a Mommy, and I am so proud and honored of all of my children! They are my pride and joys & such huge balls of love and light!

Our children are our biggest teachers, and I am just getting to the stage of life where I am understanding of and can truly accept and grasp that for what it is. 

With all of that said, I have also always felt such a yearning for more for myself... Knowing I came here to do so much more than just raise these beautiful angels into amazing members of this collective.

After almost 30 years of life in this body, I finally found my calling! Shortly after the most traumatic event of my life thus far…


In October of 2019 we lost my baby brother exactly 2 weeks after his 19th birthday and life was forever changed... 



For his memorial service my mother and I bought cheap battery-operated candles from the dollar store that we put in vases with glass pebbles for decoration. 


After his service I brought home these vases and decided I would turn the candles on every day as a memorial. It was quite a drawn-out process... it took 3-4 minutes to dump out enough pebbles, take the candle out, screw the bottom in to turn it on, put it back in and pour the pebbles in around it... And the same process hours later when I turned them off for the night.


I did this for 4 or 5 days.. until one day I went to go turn my candles on, and one of them was already on!! I ran around my house asking all of the humans if they touched it and of course, they had not... 5 hours later, the candle went off on its own… 


Four and a half years later and counting ...




My sweet, amazing, gentle yet powerful soul of a baby brother... shows us in an extremely tangible way, that he is in fact still here and always will be...

Since then, I started out on a mission to really understand what we all are and what this life is all about! Constantly learning as much as I can about all things energy and how it operates, communicating with the other side and any and all things spiritual related!


Now that I have stepped into a place of truly owning and harnessing my gifts, my brother and I are a very close working team on this collective mission together! I am so very grateful to be of service to the human collective and the world of spirit simultaneously. 


I feel deeply that my sweet brother wants his tangible light to be seen by all of those who need to see it, to believe! 

There are a lot of people with every right to feel how they do, not believing in things they cannot see or prove and needing tangible evidence... I have the utmost respect for them for many reasons. I was also one of those people for many years! 


Which is one of the reasons I am so very excited to be alive right now! There are constantly new developments proving so many amazing things scientifically that you would never believe could be proven. It’s truly a glorious time to be incarnated!! 


I am so unbelievably grateful and honored to be working with the world of spirit as a channel of love and light. Surrendering to the unknown and always trusting that the universe and spirit are divinely orchestrating things behind the scenes for everyone’s highest good has been a process to say the least and I am no expert, just yet! Although my spirit and human teams have reminded me that I am far better at this than I give myself credit for... there is always room for improvement!

I am extremely proud to say that I am an Intuitive Energy Healer, an Akashic Record Reader, a Reiki Master, a Spiritual Teacher and Mentor, an Emotion Code Practitioner, a developing Medium, and soon to be a certified End of Life Doula.


Please take a look at my Offerings page to view what is currently available and feel free to reach out to me for anything! I look forward to connecting with you!

Sam and Chris Frost
Sam Frost

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