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Emotion Code Session


30 minutes


We release trapped emotions that can be stuck anywhere in your body. These sessions can be focused on anything, from any area of your life and from any of your bodies; physical, emotional, mental or spiritual or just done in general for your highest good. We could speak directly to any organ, area of your body or life that is bothering you and release trapped emotions that are distorting energies and causing problems. See below for a list of conditions and diseases where trapped emotions have been a contributing factor and many times the entire cause. 

I will tap into your subconscious mind that guides us through a chart of emotions to find the ones you are needing to release. Often multiple sessions are needed to complete the healing we are after, so please consider my package option. These can be done live on video or call with me, or done by myself with the results emailed to you when finished. Many people prefer the emailed version as they do not have to be on call with me this way and we can still go over things in more detail. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

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